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Custom Cabinets – Hall's Custom Cabinets are true luxury items. We can design and build cabinetry for any room in your home and meet any design or finish requirement our clients have. For each room that we design we work very closely with the client to be sure that we have all functional and aesthetic requirements met. For example, in many secondary baths function is most important. In which case we design cabinetry that has simple beautiful components to keep cost down and maintain functionality. Where as in “show” areas such as the kitchen or master suite, we often add carvings, columns, or other elements to accentuate the design, but again maintain the overall functionality. We can design anything from the very traditional to very modern or contemporary. We truly strive for our clients to have exactly what they see in their mind's eye. Please scroll through the images below to see a few examples of our work.

Kitchens and Pantries
Entertainment Centers
Wine Rooms

Semi-Custom Cabinetry – We have three lines of Semi-Custom cabinetry to offer to our clients as well. Often times our clients will use our semi-custom lines in combination with our custom cabinetry. They may decide to have their primary rooms designed with custom cabinetry and the secondary room designed with semi-custom cabinetry. Or our clients may choose to design the cabinetry throughout the entire home using our semi-custom lines. Because of we have access to our own cabinet shop we also have the option to add some custom elements to semi-custom cabinets. Hall's Custom Cabinets can truly meet any requirement of our clients. Please click on the link below to see examples of our Semi-Custom cabinetry.