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Who We Are

Hall's Custom Cabinets employs two custom cabinet designers (one, national award winning), one semi-custom cabinet designer, two very talented draftsmen, a cabinet shop manager, 8 skilled cabinetmakers, and two professional hand finishers. Hall's Custom Cabinets specializes in designing and building custom cabinetry and furniture and unique finishes for the most discriminating clients. In addition to our custom cabinetry we also offer three lines of Semi-Custom cabinetry. Because of all of our cabinetry options Hall's Custom Cabinets can meet any budgetary need.

Tina Hall, Lead Designer Tina has been designing custom cabinetry for twenty years. Her designs are recognized and requested in many of the high-end custom homes through out Colorado Springs as well as other affluent areas in Colorado . Once Tina has designed for a client they often return for additional design work in other areas of their home.

McCrea Andersen, Assistant Designer McCrea assists Tina in the design of much of the cabinetry that is ordered. Each design in reviewed by Tina and the revised to show Tina's personal design touch. She also works independently on her own projects. Throughout the design and production process McCrea attends to all client questions and concerns as well as communication with builders and/or designers.

Bret Swank and Kelly Lore, Technical & Drafting Combined Bret and Kelly have 20 years of cabinet drafting experience. Our drafters are two of the best in the Colorado Springs area. Once the client has approved the designs it is Bret and Kelly's job to make each room fully functional and still meet the aesthetic requirements of the client.

Allan Hutcheon, Semi-Custom Cabinets Allan comes to Hall's with several years of experience in the Semi-Custom Cabinet industry. With three semi-custom cabinet lines to work with Allan can create wonderful environments for any client's budget.

Harold Meteer, Cabinet Manager Harold has worked in the cabinet industry for over 15 years. Harold oversees all of the phases of the custom and semi-custom cabinets once designs are approved and sent into production. Harold also manages the delivery and installation schedules of our cabinetry. With a cabinet shop that is continuously turning out projects scheduling is critical.